Books for Nurses

Eleanor Sullivan has numerous professional articles and books to her credit, including four books that received the Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing. Here are her latest:

Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (9th Edition)

Used worldwide, this award-winning book is now offered in an updated, revised ninth edition with cutting-edge management tools for both practicing nurses and managers. In the ever-changing health care environment, nurses have never needed this information more.

“This book is well organized and not too lengthy while still providing a lot of information. I needed this text for a class and was pleased at how well the information flows and how easy it was to read.”

“It has been so informational and such an easy read that I have been able to read it cover-to-cover.”


becoming-influential-eleanor-sullivanBecoming Influential: A Guide for Nurses (2nd Edition)

Just released in its second edition is this one-of-a-kind book for nurses that sheds light on never-revealed secrets of success for nurses and continues to generate excitement as nurses begin to put these strategies into practice.


“Becoming Influential: A Guide For Nurses by Eleanor Sullivan is an upbeat, insightful, straightforward, and detail packed primer on being effective on the job.”     Nurse Educator


“This little jewel is no dry, dull, theory-based leader ship text. Eleanor Sullivan’s newest contribution to nursing will make you smile, make you angry, and, as she hopes, ‘make you a better nurse.’”  Critical Care Nurse

Nursing Care of Clients with Substance AbuseNursing Care of Clients with Substance Abuse

Nurses care for clients with substance abuse in all clinical settings. Advice in this book will never be out of date.”


Creating Nursing's Future

Creating Nursing’s Future: Issues, Opportunities, and Challenges

“Nursing’s future is what we do today or what we fail to do. Advice worth taking.”




Chemical Dependency in NursesChemical Dependency in Nursing: The Deadly Diversion

Published in 1988 with joint authors Eleanor Sullivan, LeClair Bissell, Etta Williams still available on Amazon. This is really old and out of date, I don’t recommend it any more but yes it was one of mine nearly 30 years ago