Singular Village Mysteries

The Singular Village Mysteries are set in the town of Zoar, Ohio, settled in 1817 by the Society of Separatists after their escape from religious persecution in Germany. (See History of Zoar.)  Today the village of Zoar remains a vibrant testimony to these intrepid settlers with museums, shops, and interpreters illustrating 19th century life.

The series (Cover Her Body, Graven Images Tree of Heaven, 2017)  features Adelaide Bechtmann, a midwife and herbalist in 1830s Zoar, who chafes under the rigid rules demanded by the religious community. Her more law-abiding husband, Benjamin, the local cabinet maker, fears that Adelaide’s wayward ways will cause the family to be banished from the prosperous village. When she persists in pursuing murderers, Benjamin, he demands she stop. Adelaide, independent woman that she is, refuses, often putting her life in danger.

The town and its people are depicted as historically accurate as I can make them, thanks to historian and author of A Singular People: Images of Zoar, Kathleen Fernandez. The murders, however, are fictitious. “Be sure to tell readers,” Kathleen frequently reminds me, “There never was a murder in Zoar!”

I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoy writing them.